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The Problem

            Society at large (with a few exceptions) knows almost nothing about opera, has listened to or attended virtually no opera in their lives (especially masterfully sung opera), and couldn’t tell you who Puccini or Verdi were (without their cell phones) for a million dollars. Many may say, isn’t opera just a stupid, ugly, eclectic art form where untalented people scream their voices to shreds with dark, shaking, impossible to understand, and unappealing sounds? Why should anyone listen to it?

The Solution

            What if, as a 24-year-old young man (who five years ago, strongly disliked opera), I told you that I had found not only recordings of old singers from 1970 and before that made singing sounds (never heard by almost the entirety of society) so beautiful and incredible that they -in many cases- bring you to tears, and shock you to the core with the unbelievable capabilities of the human voice, but that I also found the vocal principles capable of consistently teaching voices how to do this, with empirical results and exact vocal exercises, from one of the greatest vocal teachers in the world today who heard these singers live, spoke to them at length, and directed them for years? On top of this, what if I also told you that a huge number of vocal conservatories and professional opera singers in the world today have forgotten how to sing like this, and how to train the voice to do these things? I have decided to do nothing less than introduce you to and teach you about a sublime art form that the world has almost totally forgotten about, probably for the first time in your life. If this isn’t your first time, and you know a little bit (or a lot) already, welcome as well! I hope to teach you even more!


            So, let’s get this started. I have compiled two great starting resources, much more information on this site, and an incredible book that I will publish in the future that will revolutionize the training of voice – a book unlike any other book of its kind ever written. If you want to make sure not to miss it, sign up for the email list on the top of the sidebar! I will explain the other resources below.

            The first resource is a collection of over 50 music recordings (that are free to listen to using Spotify) cataloguing the greatest singers and recordings of opera into exciting categories such as: great high notes, beautiful tone, soft singing, and more. I have titled this resource: Opera’s Most Beautiful Moments. Through it, you will get to hear the incredible singers and recordings of opera that have passed almost everyone else by!

            The second resource is a downloadable e-Book I wrote called, The Beautiful Past of Opera.

However, it is not only for beginners, but also for anyone interested in learning more about opera. It includes many things you won’t hear anywhere else like, common skeptical questions, why opera has seemingly lost popularity, the secrets of how to appreciate opera, the amazing amount of ways that opera enriches your life, secrets of training the voice, why other people like opera, a complete history of opera in 9 pages, and much more!

            Lastly, I have included other resources in this website such as a place for voice students to learn more about singing, a place for all those interested to learn more about the art of opera, a store with a growing number of interesting things, and a great amount of resources for all things opera! Enjoy! Opera is so awesome!

Best Regards,
Opera Lover and Student of a Master Teacher