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Privacy Policy

Sempre Curioso LLC dba OperaRevival.com (“we,” “Opera Revival,” “us,” “the website,” “this website”) is committed to respecting the privacy rights of those who use or visit this website. We understand how important your personal information is and we will protect it in every way we can. We have put together this privacy policy to show you what information we collect, and how we use it.

(1) What Information Do We Collect?
We may collect your IP Address, ISP (Internet service provider such as AOL), browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc), and your visiting/traffic information.
If you make a purchase on Operarevival.com, we may collect your name, email address, credit card information, address, and anything else pertinent to your order.
If you sign up for any services on Operarevival.com, we will collect information used to contact you such as your name and email address.

(2) Why Do we collect this information?
IP Addresses, ISPs, browser, and visiting/traffic information are collected for the sole purpose of analyzing the site and improving it so as to better suit those who use it.
All other information that we collect from users of this website are used either to contact users (such as a newsletter), to run competitions, or to process online orders.

(3) How do we keep the information safe?
We employ SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology security measures, and we will delete all of your credit card and transaction information after processing an order.

(4) Do we use cookies?
We may use cookies on this website in the following situations including but not limited to:
– Operate user accounts and logins on the website.
– Store user preferences so to better serve the visitors of the website.

(5) Do we ever give your information to third parties?
We will never give/sell your personal information to other third parties. The two exceptions to this rule are:
– If Operarevival.com is transferred to a new owner, then the new owner will receive the information collected from visitors.
-If we must give out visitor’s information in order to comply with the law.

(6) Google Ads
Google (Google Ads) may collect “non-personally identifiable information” from you as well. This information is most often for interest/geo targeting. This would include targeting New York City museum advertisements to those living in New York City, or targeting book advertisements to those who read an article about speed reading. These programs may also store cookies on your browser in order to interest/geo target ads to you. You can choose to disable cookies on your browser, but this will effectively block you from being able to log into any online accounts. We will never give any of these services your personally identifiable information trusted to us.
You may choose to opt out of allowing certain advertising cookies (including those from Google) using the following links:
If you have any questions on how Google handles your information, you can view Google’s privacy policy with the following link:
privacy policy here.

(7) Other Websites
We are not liable for how any other websites use your personal information. If you choose to buy something or use a service from one of our advertisers, or if you follow a link to another website, the privacy policy of that new website will govern how your private information is collected and used.

(8) Consent
By using Operarevival.com, you automatically consent to this privacy policy and the Terms of Use of the website.

We are in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). We do not collect information from those under 13. If you are under 13 (by law) you must use parental supervision and parental contact information (instead of your own) if you wish to use this site.

(10) Contact Us
If you would like your information removed from our servers (including name, email address, etc) or if you would like your information changed, please email us at legal@operarevival.com

(11) Terms of Use
To read about the policies in regards to using this site, please read our Terms of Use.

(12) Effective Date
This privacy policy was lasted updated and is effective starting July 14th, 2015.