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12. My Favorites

My Favorite Tenor
Jan Kiepura
(in the middle)

This post is part of the 12-part series, Opera’s Most Beautiful Moments. If you haven’t read the introductory post to the series, click here!

          I have listened to a ton of opera. Some of these arias and recordings are so beautiful that I gasp every time I see them on my computer or iPod before I play them. It is as hard to get tired of an aria as it is to get tired of studying at a masterful painting by say, Frederik Hendrik Kaemmerer. I have included here some of my absolute favorites, in addition to the ones in previous sections.

If you haven’t downloaded spotify yet (it is free, has a ton of music, and pays the artists from advertisements that listeners view), click here!

Open this playlist in spotify, here.


            I also snuck in a recording of my favorite tenor alive today! If you are reading this Marcello Giordani, I love your voice! Here, I have a recording of him singing Asil Hereditaire from Guillaume Tell. This is the aria that Gilbet Louis Duprez sang in 1832 when he sang the world’s first powerful high C! My favorite part of this scene starts at 7:40 in this recording.

            Also, check out the English songs by Kathryn Grayson, they are far beyond gorgeous!

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